Jiyu is an LLVM-powered, low-level language being developed for fun, with the following subgoals:
-Implement an appealing syntax that reduces friction and enables ease of refactoring.
-Have the ability to just drop the compiler and its dependencies into existing toolchains for cross-compiling.
-Be able to manipulate memory unencumbered.

Jiyu supports a full compile-time execution model along with a built-in API to harness the compiler as a library, and one may build a robust build-system in Jiyu for their project. However, for those that need to integrate Jiyu code into a pre-existing code-base with an already established build system, Jiyu also supports common command-line switches for generating just a .o/.obj file, setting the target triple for cross-compiling, or just specifying the name of the output executable. This makes Jiyu simple to integrate into an IDE, such as Xcode, a CMake system, or a script.

The language currently features syntax inspired by Swift and Jai, Swift-style polymorphic/template functions, compile-time execution, cross-compilation, scope-relative static-if, type-aliases and structs, calling into C-code, and self-contained modules. Runtime-type-infomation, struct-member functions, template structs, and strict-type-aliases are planned features.

#import "LibC";

func main(argc: int32, argv: **uint8) {
    for 1..10 {
         printf("%d Hello, Sailor!\n", it);

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